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Emma Swan // Once Upon a Time S01E01

A very happy birthday to local starlet and friend of the studio Wesley Henry as he celebrates being 43 today. Wesley’s blog. More here also.




Click the pic to watch an abbreviated “Marilyn On Marilyn” documentary composed from Life Magazine interviews on the 50th anniversary of the passing of screen legend Marilyn Monroe.
Give it a listen, folks.





VHX is proud to present BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING, a documentary about the artist Wayne White. Support Wayne and the filmmakers by buying the film, DRM-free, from beautyisembarrassing.com.
“One of the most pleasurable moviegoing experiences I’ve had this year.”—Leonard Maltin
BEAUTY IS EMBARRASSING is a funny, irreverent and inspiring documentary tracing the career of one of America’s most influential artists, Wayne White. It’s hard not to recognize his iconic work on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse in the ‘80s, and equally hard not to fall in love with his artistic process and how he came into it.
While you’re watching it, you’ll have a hard time resisting an urge to get some artwork for yourself!



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